5 Tips to Buying Clothes that Support your Favorite Television Show

There are many ways to show support to your favorite television show. The most obvious is to watch or stream it on their official channels. You can also support them by following their social media accounts, sharing articles and news about them, following their events, and so on. 

Stranger Things

Still, one of the best ways to show your unwavering love is to buy related merchandise, especially clothing because it’s a statement directly advertising the show. Just look at how many Stranger Things merchandise is out there, and how many Harry Potter themed trinkets are being sold everywhere. Those are just some of the most popular fandoms today that you will always see being marketed around. Need tips on how buy clothes that support your favorite TV show? Read on to find more!

1. Join online fan groups

It’s hard to get fan merch if you don’t know where to look, luckily the internet is filled with communities that will ease up your search. If you’re a fan of a specific TV show, you’ve probably started following them around through their official social media accounts. You must even follow the actors. The next step in showing your support is to join discussion threads in forums and groups. Here you’ll meet people from all over the world sharing the same fancy. And if you’re looking for merch, social media groups are the best place to be! It’s a great place to ask for recommendations on where to buy fan shirts and other related merchandise.

2. Get from reputable stores

Knowing where to buy is just the first step. And at this point in your journey you’ve probably received tons of recommendations on shirt sellers to try. But it’s not just about knowing where to buy stuff. You also need to do a little bit of checking to see if the shirts are of any quality at all. There are millions of shirt sellers out there who would go out of their way to infiltrate a fandom only to scam them. Make sure to buy from stores that have good reputation and offer high quality tees. For your convenience also make sure if they’re accessible. If they’re online make sure they can ship to your place and offer various payment methods.

Stranger Things t-shirt

3. Support a cause

So many TV shows are all out advocating for a cause. If you want to support them, you can also do so by supporting their advocacies. Just like how the series 13 Reasons Why advocates for mental health awareness, you can start with groups associated with them, and help them in any way you can.

4. Support your friends

If you have friends who are in the merchandising business, you can tap them by creating a line specifically for TV show fans. Show your creativity and start creating shirts and merch items about the many notable lines from your favorite TV show. Not only will it help your friend’s business flourish, it will also incite creativity and entrepreneurship.

5. Wear it proud

Supporting your favorite television show isn’t just about buying statement shirts of their funniest lines. It’s also about wearing them loud and proud wherever you go. Don’t be afraid to go out with a statement you think nobody will get. It’s a win-win for meeting new people. Either you bump into fellow fans, or have a conversation starter with someone. Even if the show has long ended, it doesn’t make your shirt any less valid!

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