4 Fun Things To Use To Promote Your Next Event

When it comes to planning and hosting events in today’s time, dull and boring will no longer cut it. In event planning in today’s millennial age, you might want to make it as exciting and as interesting as possible when you are promoting it and cater to the curiosity and interests of your target audience. 

4 Fun Things To Use To Promote Your Next Event

The moment your promotional medium fails to spark up what your audience is looking for, your event will most likely flop as well in terms of guest attendance. You really should devote ample time, effort, and resources in the promotional aspect of your event and think of ingenious, radical ways to invite and interest people to coming to your event. 

There are lots of avenues to do this with the help of technology, especially in social media. If you are somewhat traditional and prefer printed medium, there exists state-of-the-art software to aid you such as a design tool that allows you to print you own customised stickers and other powerful publishing software. 

Here are fun things to use to promote your next event:

1. Video promos

If you choose the cyberspace way of doing invitations, then nothing beats video ads blasted through popular social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can do LinkedIn if it is aimed for the businessmen and professionals. One thing that makes the movie industry so successful is because of the carefully planned out trailers that really ignites one’s interest for the movie itself. 

Video promos

If you do intend to do video promos, plan it as close to perfection as possible. The generated material must have great cinematography, so use professional cameras when recording and choose the perfect locations with good lighting. It might be a good idea to ditch that iPhone since it is nowhere near a professional camcorder or DSLR in terms of video capabilities. Another thing to consider is audio, it must be really clear and free of background noise and static hums. Use a boom mic if you need to. Keep your content short enough to engage their curiousness but not too short that it becomes uninteresting. 

2. Customised stickers

Stickers might not be the usual way of doing invites the traditional way, but it is really interesting. Most people, particularly the young generation, no longer care about those flyers and posters, they just walk pass by it and are virtually invisible to them. But a sticker will be something new to them, and it will spark up their interest, as long as they are professionally designed with powerful software.

3. Badges and button pins

Although this might not be advisable if you plan to gather a crowd of hundreds or thousands, if you have a smaller target audience and the budget allows for it, you can design custom badges and button pins about your event. Friends of your direct invites will most likely notice as well when they are worn by them or attached to a backpack or something so you will have indirect invites automatically.

Badges and button pins

4. Mini-previews

These are sneak peeks and a sampler of your main event. Generally, planning mini previews is more demanding to time, effort and budget, but if you play your cards right, you will reap the full benefits of what you’ve sown. 

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